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What to expect ?

Alrana Natural Health’s vision is to integrate evidence-based, natural, safe, and non-invasive alternative and complementary healing modalities designed to release pain and stress, and awaken inborn-healing potentials that lie dormant within.

We use two main techniques: Biofeedback and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Biofeedback uses smart technology to measure a multitude of health parameters; providing real time feedback regarding client’s health parameters.

EFT also known as Tapping is a powerful holistic healing technique, that resolves a range of issues including physical pain and emotional distress. It's based on the combined principles of ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology.  

As health practitioners, we now can through digital technology, obtain measurements of various internal body functions such as blood pressure, Heart Rate Variability (HRV), heart rate, breathing rates and patterns, oxygen level, and brain waves (EEG) and to use that information to coach and train our clients to improve a wide variety of physical and emotional challenges, as well as to improve heart and brain coherence.


It is important to note that biofeedback and EFT – Tapping are types of trainings with the goal of teaching control of involuntary physiological processes – both mental and physical – that can reduce stress, a contributing factor in 80% of chronic health conditions.

As your health coach, we will:

  • Work with you to identify your sources of stress

  • Work with you in recognizing the signs of stress and anxiety which include aches and pains, increased heart rate, body temperature, muscle tension etc

  • Take a holistic approach to help you make important lifestyle changes to improve your physical and emotional wellbeing

  • Teach you science -based techniques to help you navigate the daily life with a minimum of stress

  • Provide  you with helpful resources


It is important to stress that this is a training process and requires the client to take an active role and commit to regular practice in order to develop a skill. 

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